New Improvised Music Festival
Kilby Court 6/29/10
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New Improvised Music Festival Poster

This was quite the evening for jazz in Salt Lake City. Perhaps the best jazz festival ever in this city. 8 bands, smooth transitions, great music, yummy burritos (thanks Dan and Ann). And big thanks to Dave Chisholm for putting this together. Good luck at Eastman.

Friendly Robot

Friendly Robot Group

Derek Howa--Rhodes, Will Lovell--Bass, Brian Thurber--Drums
(sorry for the wind noise...thunderstorm activity during set)

The Fragile
Blue and Green
A Call For All Demons


Joshua Payne Orchestra

Joshua Payne Orchestra

La La La
Red Bennies
Jo Jo
Trial & Error
Front Row
La Di Da Di Da
California Love

Ankarsamasaurus Rex

Ankarsamasaurus Rex Group

Woodford Reserved
Phrygian Callipygian
The Endless Misunderstanding

Reid Poole Quartet

Reid Poole Trio

Reid Poole--Trumpet, Matt Smiley--Bass, Britt Ciampa--Drums

Quartet #4
I Wrote a Book For You
If All Goes By Plan
Quartet Art
The Stars From the Sky
Do You Like My Elephant Pose?

John Henry

John Henry Group

Dave Chisholm--Trumpet, Joe Chisholm--Trombone, Chase Baird--Sax,
Derek Howa--Rhodes, Will Lovell--Bass, Steve Lyman--Drums

Cloudy Day
Playing Cards
Crime & Punishment

Baird-Michaels Quintet

Baird-Michaels Quintet

Chase Baird--Sax, Al Michaels--Sax, Kenji Aihara--Guitar
Denson Angulo--Bass, Steve Lyman--Drums

Lonely Woman
AM Tune 1
Sketch #1
AM Tune 2

Orbit Group

Orbit Group

Tune 1
Tune 2
Tune 3
Tune 4
Tune 5

Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra


Wake Up to a Melody
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