Will Lovell Memorial Concert

Will Lovell III

Will Lovell III left us this November. We are all quite saddened by his loss. At least memories of his friendship and his music live on. His friends organized a concert tribute to him, which featured many of the musicans he played with over the years.

Pictures From the Memorial Concert
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Music From the Memorial Concert

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From the Jam Session
Jazz Jam
In a Sentimental Mood
Country Cousin
Route 66
Blue Monk

Combo Versions of Will's Compositions
Fountain Coke

Los Muertos
The Twins

SLAJO Reunited for Two Lovell Compositions
A Very Special War With G-Dubs
Me and Dan

Finally, a Tribute From Will's Cruise Ship Mates

Thanks to everyone who came out to the memorial, to the musicians who gave of their time and talent, to the staff of the Bar Deluxe for hosting the event, and especially to Joe Chisholm for organizing the evening.

And thanks to Will Lovell III for his friendship and music.

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